Recent Buyers Reveal Biggest Wish List Regrets

Dated: May 15 2019

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There's a reason they're called wish lists. After all, home buyers can't expect to get every single thing they want in a house unless they have one custom built. Which is to say, you're, undoubtedly, going have to make some sacrifices and some of your wishes are going to go unfulfilled. For that reason, a recent survey took a look at what new homeowners say are the things they most wish their home had. According to the results, a walk-in pantry was the most common response. Around a third of respondents said it was the thing their home didn't have that they regretted most. Other popular answers included granite countertops, kitchen islands, tankless water heaters, and hardwood floors. But though that might make it sound like recent buyers are dissatisfied with their new homes, the survey found that 95 percent of participants said they like or love the house they purchased. Which should be encouraging to prospective home buyers who worry that they'll get it wrong and end up in a house they dislike. More here


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