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GreenBayRealEstate.com was created to be a SAFE place for you to search and view real estate properties for sale throughout Northeastern Wisconsin. Most real estate portals are designed to capture your information to sell to others. That's how they generate revenue. None of that happens at GreenBayRealEstate.com To enjoy the full features of our website, register by clicking on the login button at the upper left hand corner, We will not call you unless you ask us to. Any automated communcations generated from the website are designed to enhance your experience and your interaction with the website. They can be easily opted out of with just a click if you prefer not to get them.
The website is owned by Rick Skogg, a long time real estate veteran in Northeast Wisconsin. We standbye to assist you with your questions and requests. Let us know how we can help you.
Thank you for visiting GreenBayRealEstate.com

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